This is the blog for our completed research project, ‘The time-spaces of soft paternalism: state, citizenship, governmentality

About us: we are researchers in Human Geography at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.

Rhys Jones is a cultural and historical geographer who works on the various geographies of the state and its related group identities.

Mark Whitehead’s research focuses on the links between geography, philosophy and environmental politics.

Jessica Pykett does research on the changing nature of educational governance and pedagogical forms of state-citizen relations. [Now at University of Birmingham]

Marc Welsh is research associate on the project. He is a political and historical geographer focusing on state-nature relations. His PhD research focused on the hydrosocial state of colonial and post-colonial Malawi.


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  2. Likewise – the push towards registering is more coercion than nudge!

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  4. Fab blog! I’d also like to subscribe please. Many thanks.

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