Research Outputs

Please contact the authors if you would like copies of any of the following papers:

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. (2013) Changing Behaviours: On the Rise of the Psychological State. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Whitehead, M., Jones, R. and Pykett, J. (2013) ‘Neuroliberal Climatic Governmentalities’, in H. Bulkeley and J. Stripple (eds), Governing the Global Climate: Rationality, Power and Politics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Welsh, M., Jones, R. Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. (forthcoming).” The ‘Problem Gambler’ And Socio-Spatial Vulnerability”, in Problem Gambling Research (Palgrave Macmillan).

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. “Behaviour Change policies in the UK: an anthropological perspective”, Geoforum 48, p33-41. DOI

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. “The geographies of policy translation: how nudge became the default policy option”, Environment and Planning C.

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. “Psychological governance and behaviour change”. Policy and Politics 41:2, 159-182. DOI

Pykett, J. (2012) “Neurocapitalism and the new neuros: using neuroeconomics, behavioural economics and picoeconomics for public policy” Journal of Economic Geography online DOI

Whitehead, M., Jones, R., Pykett. J. and Welsh, M. (2012) “Geography, libertarian paternalism and neuro-politics in the UK” The Geographical Journal 178 (4), 302-307. DOI

Whitehead M, Jones R, Pykett J. (2011) “Governing irrationality, or a more than rational government? Reflections on the rescientisation of decision making in British public policy ” Environment and Planning A 43(12) 2819 – 2837 DOI

Pykett, J., Jones, R., Whitehead, M., Huxley, M., Strauss, K., Gill, N., McGeevor, K.,  Thompson, L., and Newman, J. (2011) “Interventions in the Political Geography of ‘Libertarian Paternalism’” Political Geography 30 (6), p301-310 DOI

Pykett, J. (2012) “The New Maternal State: the Gendered Politics of Governing through Behaviour Change” Antipode 44 (1), p217-238 DOI

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. (2011) “Governing Temptation: changing behaviour in an age of libertarian paternalism”, Progress in Human Geography, 35: 4, 483-501. Published 18 November 2010 DOI

Jones, R., Pykett, J. and Whitehead, M. (2011) “The Geographies of Soft Paternalism in the UK: The Rise of the Avuncular State and Changing Behaviour after Neoliberalism”, Geography Compass 5: 1, 50-62. DOI

Pykett, J. (2011) “MINDSPACE: State knowledges and the new philosopher kings” Area. Response from Hallsworth, M., Institute for Government. DOI.

Jones, R., Pykett, J.  and Whitehead, M. (2010) “Big Society’s Little Nudges: The Changing Politics of Health Care in an Age of Austerity” Political Insight Magazine December 2010. DOI



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